About Us

Zelis Cosmetics was founded in 1961 by Abdullah Saraman, mainly on cologne manufacturing and parfume trade.
In 1979 Mehmet Zeki Saraman became the director of the company and Zelis also started trading on cosmetics and perfume wholesale.
The company had operated at the eastern Turkey until 1996.
In 2003 Zelis created its own brands and starded to distribution of some international brands.
In 2009 our managing board decided to produce our creation brands in our own facility, following that, hairdressing and beauty saloons needs added to our production range.
In the light of the quality policy, Zelis Cosmetics has always cooperated with leading chemical companies and worldwide known international suppliers. Our company imported quality raw materials and  focused on high quality products by using  the latest technology.
Our “R&D” and “P&D” departments has always worked on new technologies and product upgrades.
All our current and future products meet the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) Standarts.
Zelis Cosmetics will continue to serve and develop by increasing its market share with all its customers and business partners without compromising its principles.